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Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks, LP


Speaker, Executive Coach, Licensed Psychologist, and successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, Dr. Leatrice (LEE-uh-tris) has been told she has a unique way of “holding people’s feet to the fire” to inspire growth. She consistently receives the feedback “you are in my life” without prior knowledge of the individual. She uses her skills to get in-depth quickly with her audiences to help them attain and retain their desired change.

While serious about her content, Dr. Leatrice is naturally funny and witty, adding an unexpected dimension to her work. She is surprisingly relatable and personable, making concepts amazingly easy to digest and apply. Outstandingly passionate about the growth and development of others, Dr. Leatrice’s heart is evidenced in her dedication to reaching and sharing her gifts with more people.

The Power in Presence brand was birthed out of my desire to see more high achievers be as good to themselves as they are to others.

- Dr. Leatrice

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology, and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, Dr. Leatrice has studied psychology and people for over 20 years. She believes providing the right environment for positive, productive, effective work to happen is a priority, and produces lasting life change that impacts the individual and touches everyone they encounter.

Dr. Leatrice’s honors include receiving The Outstanding Alumni Award from her Alma Mater Doctoral Program and being a regular guest on Kalamazoo/Battle Creek’s The Touch Radio providing tips, tools, and skills for everyday life. In her private practice, Chosen, PLLC, Dr. Leatrice and her staff have a mission of “Empowering People to Reach Their Greatest Potential” and provide over 4,500+ services annually.


National Speakers Association - Michigan Chapter, President-Elect

Leadership Kalamazoo Alumni, Southwest Michigan First

National Registered Health Service Psychologist

American Psychological Association

  • Society of Consulting Psychology

  • Society of Counseling Psychology

  • Society for the Psychology of Women

  • Psychologists in Independent Practice

  • Developmental Psychology

Association of Black Psychologists

Michigan Psychological Association

Kalamazoo County Suicide Prevention Action Network, Past Chair, Past Board Member

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