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Executive Coaching

Transformational leaders have a heart for the development and growth of their staff in ways that both challenge and empower them to grow, contribute to the organization, and ultimately be their best selves in and outside of work. This output flows from the top down. It is much easier leaders to teach people to be who they are than to be who they are not.

Individual Coaching


Take the initiative to up your professional game through individual coaching. This one-on-one time with Dr. Leatrice will take your leadership to the next level. Individual coaching is not therapy but often results in both personal and professional growth.

  • Identify strengths and blind spots

  • Work through leadership challenges that may be ongoing

  • Stay on top of movement with your growth edges

  • Accomplish those leadership goals that may remain outstanding

  • Take leadership risks with support

  • Strategize for greater impact

  • Increase organizational and task management skills

Individual Coaching
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Group Coaching


Sometimes a group of like-minded leaders from different organizations find themselves on the same journey. Group coaching provides space, support, and direction for organizational leaders who are in the midst of change or aspire for greater development. 

Group Coaching is available for:

  • Connect with leaders who have a common goal

  • Explore and strategize around niche-specific concerns with leaders who understand

  • Learn skills to work through obstacles and challenges

  • Increase confidence in leadership and organizational change

  • Build a network of support outside their organization

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Presence Leadership 

  • Deconstructing Structural, Systemic, and Institutional Racism

Group Coaching
Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching

With a combination of individual and group coaching, you will make strategic improvements in your organization that start at the top. In many organizations, not just one person is influential. Dr. Leatrice will use her knowledge and experiences as both a psychologist and business owner to help identify specific organizational changes that need to be made and guide the implementation of those changes.

There are three tracks to organizational coaching. The Organizational Leadership Track helps with overall leadership development. The Presence Leadership Track is designed for leaders who want to hone in on the inclusion of self-care in the workplace and supporting themselves and their teams. The Deconstructing Systemic, Structural, and Institutional Racism Track extends the Organizational Leadership Track with a specific focus on the impact and role of race within the organization.



Great leadership requires intentional growth from a structural lens. It exhibits continuity of organizational values. When organizational change is tackled, for the most lasting and effective results, everyone needs to be involved and understand the task at hand. This collective and inclusive approach clarifies goals, roles, and responsibilities. It ensures everyone is on board, weeds out those who are not, and invites others to the table so you can build.

  • Leaders to do their individual work towards organizational goals

  • Leaders to improve their ability to work collaboratively with each other towards organizational goals

  • Work more effectively, efficiently, and collaboratively as a team

  • Develop skills to engage in necessary, healthy challenging of self and others for organizational advancement and longevity



Presence Leadership makes room for people in the work we do. You have a great team, but people are tired and exhausted. You love the work, but it sometimes seems to take more from you than you have available to give. There is a need for more balance and self-care which will ultimately improve the work. Presence Leadership skills help you incorporate self-care as a way of life for your organization and team. This increases team retention and overall outcomes, strengthens team member relationships, and improves work and life satisfaction.

  • Apply the PRESENCE Principles to increase self-care

  • Learn repeatable strategies for maintaining ideal balance 

  • Increase skills for identifying and understanding the self-care needs of your organization and team

  • Learn skills to create a space for conversations around self-care that can reduce burnout



Organizational leaders sometimes recognize that unfairness rooted in race is part of the roots of their organization. You may have participated in some general training to increase awareness of racial disparities on a breath level, but you are ready to dig in deep and create lasting change with some depth work.

  • Increase racial awareness of white leaders

  • Improve communication and exploration of systemic racial issues within your organization

  • Identify strategies for increasing organizational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Provide support to leaders of color (as relevant)

  • Create space and a norm for open, direct, healthy, and ongoing conversations regarding racial dynamics

  • Develop skills for a culture of inclusion

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