Dr. Leatrice's POWER Keynotes, PRESENCE Programs, and Executive Coaching are rooted in and guided by the 4-step Presence Formula and 8 PRESENCE Principles.

The Presence Formula

We better retain new information and execute steps when the work is repeatable. The Presence Formula walks concepts, tools, and skills through a tangible, memorable process that can be applied across concepts and experiences. It is a way to acknowledge, assess, and measure your progress and identify where to begin and what to do next when resetting to PRESENCE using the PRESENCE Principles.


Identify a PRESENCE shift is needed in the way you operate and engage with yourself and others.


Continually monitor needs and rework the steps to maintain PRESENCE.


Assess your situation and make a realistic and achievable plan to move to PRESENCE.


Use PRESENCE strategies to revive and re-energize.


PRESENCE Principles

The 8 Presence Principles are guides for creating and maintaining balance in life as we work and play. They help ensure you are not neglecting your own needs while meeting the needs of others. Presence Principles help you discover your ideal baseline level of functioning so can consistently function at your most optimal level without risking burnout.

PRESENCE is an acronym for the 8 life principles Presence Principles support. These are the areas of our lives that most easily get neglected as we strive as high achievers. You will reset and refocus for greater, more consistent self-care and attention to these pivotal areas. You will identify practical, executable, repeatable strategies and develop plans for sustainable growth in these areas.



Our bodies are often neglected but they are what we need to continue great work. We only hold up as long as they do. Good physical health always takes you further.



Our primary relationships with the people who are most important to us are too often an afterthought even though they fuel us the most. Maintaining these relationships has to stay on our agenda.



We have to feel good and know that we are, and are doing enough. There is always more work to be done. Esteem is foundational for facing challenges, taking healthy risks, and pushing through to the next level.



Whatever it looks like for you, having a spiritual connection can be a source of strength and fortitude when life comes at you. Spirituality has a grounding effect and reorients us to the center of ourselves.



Educational opportunities pour back into you as you pour into so many others. Continual education is vital to your PRESENCE plan so you can create and grow yourself and others.



Take the necessary time to care for yourself. Too often we nurture others more than ourselves and there is a cost we cannot afford. There is only one you.



Staying connected to others who uplift and encourage you is invaluable to high achievement. Be intentional with building and maintaining these relationships.



Be present with life itself. Incorporate time to experience life in your routines and goals.