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P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E. Programs

Real-life application to real-life situations is always the goal. Presence Circles, half-day, and full-day programs help learners apply the PRESENCE Principles in a hands-on, guided approach, in real-time.




Mental health and self-care conversations have emerged as common topics in the workplace. While we know they need attention, broaching the topic and subsequent discussions can become more than what you are equipped to handle. We know high achievers often give up themselves for the sake of the work but at a cost. Presence Circles are affinity groups of high achievers (virtually or in-person) to discuss, support and strategize with each other around the most common challenges we face when it comes to presence. Presence circles help you apply the PRESENCE Principles to maximize your personal and work life.

Presence Circles are formed within and between organizations based on commonalities and shared experiences:

  • Gather once monthly with a small group community of high achievers

  • Engage in open discussion of real professional concerns initiated by participants and facilitated by Dr. Leatrice

  • Learn, walk through, and apply the Presence Principles to your professional and personal life

  • Create a personalized Everyday Action Plan for continual execution of each of the 8 PRESENCE Principles

  • Deepen, expand, and strengthen your professional support network

  • Gain and incorporate Dr. Leatrice's psychological and business perspectives and strategies to professional challenges

  • Organizational Teams

  • Organizational Roles

  • Shared Demographics

  • Shared Industry

  • Social Group

  • Custom Group

Presence Circles
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PRESENCE Workshops


PRESENCE Workshops are a great way to take a deep dive into Presence in a hands-on, practical, skills-building format to expand skills for positive mental health and productive self-care. There are multiple levels of development with each Presence Principle and the Presence formula to strengthen application and integration into daily life. PRESENCE Workshops are available in half-day and full-day formats, and condensed team meeting versions. 

  • Deepen personal connection to Presence

  • Increase retention and application of the PRESENCE Principles and the Presence Formula

  • Refine current skills in a hands-on approach

  • Develop a personalized plan for the execution of skills

  • Build your team and increase collaboration and support

  • The Power of Togetherness: Creating a Cohesive Team

  • Great Things Happen When You're Present: The Presence Planner in Action

  • Executive-Level Leadership Tools: Stay in Your Lane

Presence Workshops

Introducing the

Presence Planner

The Presence Planner is a comprehensive tool that will help you stay focused on your personal growth and increase your ability to be present in your daily life.

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