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It's Time to be... Emotionally Healthy

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

RADIO INTERVIEW - With an entire year ahead and so many goals to accomplish, we have to be emotionally healthy to get there. It starts with presence and can be done in 3 steps.... Acknowledge, Assert, and Attend. Watch the radio interview to hear my story and practical application of the steps.

You can be emotionally healthy, and it is easier than you think. Sometimes it might be scary, but it is possible.

Acknowledge - Be present and honest with ourselves and acknowledge our current state. How do you feel?

Assert - Be open and communicate your needs in healthy relationships with others. Don't suffer alone. Talk your challenges and open the door to receiving support from others. Who can you tell?

Attend - Take care of yourself and do things to keep you on the right track. What can you do?

“Great Things Happen When You’re Present”

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