• Dr. Leatrice Brooks

Radio Interview - 3 F’s for Functioning Through Major Transition and Change

Updated: Jul 25

Life circumstances can change in an instant. Changes may be unplanned, unpredictable, and inevitable but you can get through it. It starts with presence and can be done in 3 steps... FOCUS, FORMULATE, FORWARD. Watch the radio interview to hear my story and practical application of the steps. Sometimes it takes a while to see it but there is always a silver lining.

Focus –What are you focused on? What opportunities can you take from the situation? Process information in bite sized pieces.

Formulate – Come up with a plan and do what you can with what is clear right now. Control what you can control in this moment and work your way towards the rest.

Forward – Move ahead with conviction, confidence, and commitment.

“Great Things Happen When You’re Present”


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