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Great Things Happen When You're Present

Positioning Organizations to Maximize Productivity, Master Collaboration and Teamwork, and Retain High Achievers

Why Presence?

Presence allows you to:

Extract and value more in your life

Experience greater life fulfillment for yourself and everyone you encounter 

Stay connected to your true identity - the person you truly want to be but does not always show up.

As high achievers, our identity as individuals often gets lost in the shuffle of responsibilities and demands. You may sometimes feel consumed and like you're drowning in work, pulled in many directions and on autopilot, and have lost your sense of self. We all know this comes with a cost to people and important relationships, happiness, joy, and health. 

You don't have to lose yourself in the process of being great!

High achievers spend a lot of time processing situations from the past and planning for the future. We often do so to the extent that we miss the depth and totality of what is happening right now. Instead, we reflect on it later, after the moment to enjoy and experience it has passed. We know that we do our best work when we're present but are not able to consistently use the skills.


I want to teach you and your team the tools, strategies, and tricks for showing up more consistently as yourself while still getting the work done. Being present is mentally, emotionally, and physically freeing and helps you enjoy work and life every single day.

Make a conscious decision to be present and stay present. Let's work together to learn and experience The POWER in Presence.

Services Anchor

Dr. Leatrice R. Brooks, LP


Executive coach, speaker, licensed psychologist, and successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, Dr. Leatrice (LEE-uh-tris) has been told she has a unique way of “holding people’s feet to the fire” to inspire growth. She consistently receives the feedback “you are in my life” without having prior knowledge of the individual as she uses her skills to get in-depth quickly with her audiences to help them attain and retain their desired change.

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Dr. Leatrice is ready to connect with you in several ways to help you towards your desired goals. Through keynotes, programs, and executive coaching, she is ready to be present with you so you can be more present with life.

The Presence Formula

All of Dr. Leatrice’s services from Executive Coaching to POWER Keynotes and PRESENCE Programs incorporate an easily executable growth-oriented and results-driven process called The Presence Formula.



Keynotes create energy that pushes people into action. Dr. Leatrice will inspire and encourage while stretching and equipping you for lasting growth with very practical tools and strategies.



Real-life application to real-life situations is always the goal. Presence Circles, half-day, and full-day programs help learners apply The Power in Presence Principles in a hands-on, guided approach, in real-time. 



Transformational leaders have a heart for the development and growth of their staff in ways that both challenge and empower them to grow, contribute to the organization, and ultimately be their best selves in and outside of work.

Introducing the

Presence Planner

The Presence Planner is a comprehensive tool that will help you stay focused on your personal growth and increase your ability to be present in your daily life.

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“Dr. Leatrice’s delivery of Are You in the Room? Staying Present in a Demanding Life was right on the mark! During her presentation, I looked around the conference room and saw that she was able to keep the attention of everyone in the room. Her life examples and easy explanation of her concepts made her presentation fun, relatable, and most importantly, educational. While we all agree that staying in the moment is something that we should do, it becomes difficult to execute in our busy lives. I have noticed that many of our staff have...within their office space as a reminder to engage and be present in the moment.”


Annual Summit Committee, United States District Court Western District of Michigan 

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