Let’s get started on your experience of being more present with life. There are different ways we can approach your needs. Let’s explore your goals and make them happen together.

P.O.W.E.R. Keynotes

Empower and inspire your team to reach new heights with a powerful, meaningful, personal, and application filled keynote. You can truly be better together when everyone is present.


Are You In The Room? 



Stop missing out on life! Balance is possible – it’s not an illusion. It can be a challenge to be a high achiever and produce at such high levels and maintain the same space and energy for relationships and people who are important to us. We don’t want to lose ourselves or others and hope is here. Dr. Leatrice will teach you how to stay present and consistently live the best of both worlds and Be Present.

  • Consistently experience life's memorable moments 

  • Deepen important and valuable relationships 

  • Achieve stronger work life balance


Be Your Truth:



Conflict happens and we are often responsible for exacting change. These conversations can be difficult and uncomfortable, but results must happen. When we are not present with and true to ourselves in conflict, the outcome is generally less than favorable, and we do not get the change we ultimately desire. When we learn how to Be Real through presence, everyone grows and achieves.

  • Confidence in inevitable professional conflicts

  • Hold self and others accountable to high standards

  • Continual growth and development when it's tough


Be Your Best You



We all experience life happening to us and pulling on everything within us to get through. Sometimes it is work related and in the most difficult moments, we are having struggles at home as well. Not only can we get through these moments but being present will help you excel through them. In this program Dr. Leatrice will prepare you to Be Exceptional through anything.

  • Consistent and sustainable identity 

  • True and genuine confidence 

  • Impressionable and remarkable leadership


Make It Happen Every Time:



Sometimes you’re just not feeling “it”. It’s difficult to complete certain tasks and some are even dreadful. Shifting this perspective and making these moments work for you is simpler than you think. It’s all in being present. Dr. Leatrice can help you learn how to view these moments as opportunities to propel you into greater production and Be Willful.

  • Avoid burn out and task avoidance 

  • Consistent motivation for goal achievement 

  • Produce at higher, more efficient rate



I'm Sorry, What Was That?



Maintaining healthy relationships takes intentionality. Doing so can sometimes be a challenge because everyone has thoughts and opinions. To reach a common goal everyone must be on the same page and there are tools you can use to help you get there consistently and quickly. When you know how to stay present with yourself, you will better understand others which makes coming together much easier and an even great work can be done. Dr. Leatrice is ready to teach you how to Be Open.

  • Strengthen relationships for stronger outcomes 

  • Establish culture of collaboration and cooperation 

  • Inspire, build, grow, facilitate creativity in others

P.R.E.S.E.N.C.E. Programs

Real life application to real life situations is always the goal. Presence Circles, half day, and full day programs help learners apply The Power in Presence Principles (PiP) in a hands-on, guided approach, in real time. 

Participants will...

  • Identify and explore growth edges 

  • Increase self-awareness to make the invisible visible and the intangible tangible 

  • Work collaboratively with your group towards desired outcomes which strengthens the resourcefulness and connection in relationships 

  • Build stronger teams which are the foundation for a stronger organization


Executive Coaching

Transformational leaders have a heart for the development and growth of their staff in ways that both challenge and empower them to grow, contribute to the organization, and ultimately be their best selves in and outside of work. This output flows from the top down. It is much easier for a leader to teach people to be who we are than to be who we are not.

You will...

  • Learn how to model leadership

  • Apply principles for being present and creating balance

  • Establish clear communication patterns to improve relationships 

  • Increase clarity of professional vision and goals

  • Improve organizational strategies for maximizing output


With her many years of knowledge and experience studying and transforming people, leadership and business experience, Dr. Leatrice is prepared to help you elevate your leadership and organization.


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