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Reclaim the “Happy” in the Holidays and Let Go of the Stress

We work and hustle to pull things together for the holidays, sometimes to the point that it becomes stressful. People, gifts, and food; planes, trains, automobiles, and lodging need to be planned and strategized. It’s very easy for the holidays to become very different from the “happy” language we use to describe them. With some intentionality, we can be present and feel the benefits of what the holidays have to offer.


A concept I have been leaning into this holiday season is the impact of what we focus on - my perspective of situations. Many times, we highlight the parts of the holidays that are stressful. In doing so, we miss opportunities to fill our cups. Challenge yourself to talk less about what or who is going awry, commit to what you want, and focus on making those things happen.


Having the proper perspective takes intentionality. Sometimes, like around the holidays, we can plan for what we want to experience. Instead of living in stressful anticipation of what will go wrong, strategize how to handle it and maintain happiness with yourself and others.


Sometimes, getting other people on board and partnering is underrated. Talk to friends and family about what you’re looking forward to. If they don’t want the same thing, tell them what you want to experience and your level of commitment. Often, that will at least cause them to think twice about what they’re bringing to you. Fully expect great results and create the energy you want to experience.

Call to Presence

Make the following commitments for a stress-free holiday and map a plan to get results by answering the following questions:

  • What things or people do you need to view differently? How can you change your perspective?

  • What can you do to counter things that may not be in your control? What will you do to connect to happiness?

  • Who can you partner with to ensure a good time?

The Presence Formula is a great tool to help you obtain and maintain happiness. Use the Presence Formula Guide to learn the steps.


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“Great Things Happen When You’re Present”


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